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What it means to be a Mom

Ximena shares her story about becoming a full time mom of four and her personal struggles in this process.

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Miracle on Bridge Street

Teri Armstrong, owner of “This & That” store in LaBelle, Florida, invited people of the town to donate Christmas gifts for the residents of LaBelle’s nursing home, Orchid Cove, in the midst of COVID lockdowns.

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Welcome Rebeca

More than a year of their marriage has passed and now my friends Melvin and Veronica welcome their first child Rebeca. Her name come form a Hebrew word רִבְקָה (Rivkah) that means to tie up firmly, and this is what her family and friends know Rebeca will be as she grows up, a woman firmly tied to what God has in store for her. (Spanish, English subtitles)

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Mel and Vero – Engagement Story

Melvin and Veronica decided, after having failed relationships in the past, to wait for the right time. Watch their engagement story. (Spanish)

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